Question: What Did Nate Do To Tyler In Euphoria?

Did Jules sleep with Nate’s dad?

And that beautiful moment comes when Jules is in a very fragile state, having learned “Tyler” is actually Nate, a guy who has been out to get her since he found out she slept with his father — one of many married, older men she’s had sex with since hitting puberty..

Does Nate kill Jules?

It is evident the possibility never even crossed his mind. Nate, on the other hand, nearly kills Jules at the end of their conversation. This encounter also shows us just how confused Nate truly is. … As Nate proves with Maddy earlier in the episode, he has no problem going right up to someone and grabbing them.

Are Jacob elordi and Zendaya dating?

“They started as close friends but it became romantic after their show ended,” a source told the outlet. “They have been inseparable since last summer and have been making time for each other in between projects. Jacob has met Zendaya’s family and everyone adores him.

Does rue like Jules?

Rue is in love with Jules, and Jules is in love with Rue. That’s a fact on HBO’s Euphoria. A fact so palpable and irrefutable, it’s rooted in the very core of the series. Their relationship is as integral to the show’s storytelling as its themes of addiction, abuse, survival, sexuality, coming of age, and trauma.

Did Nate kill Tyler euphoria?

So, Nate takes matters into his own hands, and beats Tyler to a pulp, nearly murdering him.

What is Nate’s problem in euphoria?

Speaking of baggage, Nate’s issues with his father, Cal (Eric Dane), are piling up as he deals with his anger over his father’s hidden sexuality — and the fact he committed statutory rape with Jules (Hunter Schafer), who Nate has threatened in order to keep her quiet.

Why did Nate do that to Jules?

Nate’s trying to protect his family by scaring Jules. Nate doesn’t actually intend to turn Jules in for child pornography. Reddit user Slayerkj thinks that Nate knew Jules would be “a liability” when he saw the video of Jules in his dad’s stash and he’s just threatening her so she stays quiet.

Is Nate Jacobs a psychopath?

Unlike other TV jocks, Nate’s power trips come with layers of unresolved trauma. His calculating nature also sets him apart from the average ‘roidy football player. He’s not just aggressive; he’s psychopathic.

How old is Fez in euphoria?

It’s believable, in a good way, that the 21-year-old first-time actor stumbled into the role after being randomly approached by a casting agent on the street.

Why did Tyler get beat up in euphoria?

As it turns out, Jacob Elordi, the actor who plays Nate, is close friends in real life with Lukas Gage, who plays Tyler. … The beating comes after Maddy told Nate and her friends that she was blackout drunk when she hooked up with Tyler at the party, something that Nate uses to fuel his violence as revenge.

Is Nate Jacobs in love with Jules?

Though Jules hates Nate for blackmailing and threatening her, she has an attraction to him, as she is still in love with his “Tyler” persona. … Nate seems to continue to have feelings for Jules as well, following her, watching her house at night, staring at her and complimenting her to Rue.

Is Nate Jacobs in love with Maddy?

After his confrontation with Rue in the Aug. 4 episode, Nate ditches his new date to dance with Maddy, who begrudgingly agrees. … “[Maddy] really is in love with Nate, despite how dysfunctional and toxic their relationship is,” Alexa Demie, who plays Maddy, told The Hollywood Reporter earlier in the season.

Did Nate know he was texting Jules?

The big question looms: Does he know he’s messaging Jules, and if so, what does he intend? … If that’s the case, and Nate has never seen Jules’s face on the app, then that makes it fairly cut and dry: he doesn’t know who she is and is messaging her for his own reasons.