Quick Answer: What Is SOVS Slang For?

What does SOV mean in text?

SOVAcronymDefinitionSOVShare Of VoiceSOVSovereigntySOVShut Off ValveSOVSingle Occupancy Vehicle42 more rows.

What does SOV mean in business?

Billing against a schedule of valuesBilling against a schedule of values (SOV) is standard procedure for large, commercial contractors, but is often misunderstood and infrequently used by residential remodelers. Many small businesses fail, often from a lack of cash flow. Implementing an SOV as a contractual and management tool can help.

What does SOG stand for in construction?

Slab-on-Grade/GroundPage 1. Design of Slab-on-Grade/Ground (SOG) Construction. General. SOG construction consists of placing a concrete slab on the existing native soil. The existing native soil may consist of a layer of engineered fill to bring the slab to proper elevation.

What is a schedule of values in construction?

A Schedule of Values, or SOV, is a list of every work item on a project, along with each item’s value or cost. This comprehensive work list represents the entire construction project and the entire contract price, from beginning to end.

What is SOV medical term?

SOV — Superior Ophthalmic Vein.

Which word is slang for money?

Bucks. Perhaps the most commonly used slang term for dollars, it is believed to originate from early American colonists who would often trade deerskins, or buckskins.

What is a carpet in Cockney slang?

carpet = three pounds (£3) or three hundred pounds (£300), or sometimes thirty pounds (£30). … The term has since the early 1900s been used by bookmakers and horse-racing, where carpet refers to odds of three-to-one, and in car dealing, where it refers to an amount of £300.

Why is Lolly slang for money?

It is said to originate in the Romany word loli, meaning red, used by gypsies to mean copper coins, and hence money in general. It is perhaps easier to derive the word from lolly, meaning sweet or candy, which itself originated in dialect with the meaning of tongue. (The sense of lollipop is later.)

Why is a pony 25 cockney rhyming slang?

The terms monkey, meaning £500, and pony, meaning £25, are believed by some to have come from old Indian rupee banknotes, which it is asserted used to feature images of those animals.

How much is a gorilla in money?

Perhaps obscure today, but a $50 note was a ”McGarrett”, from Hawaii Five-O. Animals, too, figured in the dialogue with 25 quid or dollars known as a ”pony” while $500 was a ”monkey” and $1000 a ”gorilla”.

What is a Jimmy in Cockney slang?

The term Jimmy Riddle is rhyming slang for going pee or having a piddle.

What are SOVS?

Sov. In the United Kingdom, a slang term for 1 pound. The term derives from the sovereign coin. Flashcards & Bookmarks ?

Why is 500 called a monkey?

Derived from the 500 Rupee banknote, which featured a monkey. Explanation: While this London-centric slang is entirely British, it actually stems from 19th Century India. … Referring to £500, this term is derived from the Indian 500 Rupee note of that era, which featured a monkey on one side.

What does SoS stand for in construction?

Secretary of StateSoS – Secretary of State.

What does cheese mean sexually?

Definitions include: to engage in sexual activity; “fool around”.

What is an SOM?

A system on a module (SOM) is a board-level circuit that integrates a system function in a single module. It may integrate digital and analog functions on a single board. … Unlike a single-board computer, a SOM serves a special function like a system on a chip (SoC).

Is Sov a Scrabble word?

SOV is a valid scrabble word.

Why is 20 Pound called a score?

The bible allocated to man a permiited age of ‘three score years and ten’ meaning 70. You would be sy=urprised how many people who were lucky enough to live to such and advanced age, then made their wills, knowing that from then, they were on borrowed time.